We can create a continuous, immersive AR experience environment. Not limited by the field, regardless of the station, department store, park, street, etc., you can use your creativity to create your own AR world, and transform the original monotonous space into an amazing AR amusement park!


City-scale immersive AR experience

We can create a continuous, realistic and immersive AR experience anywhere, such as stations, department stores, parks, streets, etc. With AR Plaza, the original space can change to transformative AR Spaces that full of surprises .

Smart Retail OMO Solution

We are able to create AR scenes that are highly integrated with spaces, attracting users to specific locations or stores , achieving a full offline to online (O2O) experience that guides traffics and ultimately leads to purchases.

User Behavior Analysis & CDP Customer Service

AR experience data are connected with the customer data system, allowing the business owner to grasp the AR event experience traffics, interaction rate, conversion rate and other key performance indicators.

Our Service

Immersive AR Experience APP Service

Whether it is an exhibition, concert, marketplace, etc., you can enter the AR immersive reality scene through AR Plaza APP, creating more interaction between the experiencer and the event!

Immersive AR experience design and production

Our professional AR curatorial team has rich experience in AR experience production and can create the most exciting AR experience for you according to the characteristics and needs of the venue.

Data Effectiveness Analysis

Through data analysis system, we present the effectiveness of the immersive AR experience, allowing you to grasp the key performance indicators such as AR event experience traffic, interaction rate, and conversion rate.