About Us

Taiwan’s most professional 5GXR technology software and hardware integration service provider, continue to develop the imagination of future innovative technology applications for Taiwanese industry and government

Who are we?

Digi Space Co., Ltd. has been coaching domestic XR innovative technology companies and promoting technology and market development for a long time. We need a lot of accumulated and rich industry expertise for the combination of XR technology development and cross-domain industrial application. While successfully building the Taiwan XR ecosystem, the company has also gradually transformed. Since 2020, it has invested in the development of a new type of immersive AR interactive system “AR Plaza”.

Our Mission

先前與國際領導時尚集團Vogue Taiwan、新東陽、遠傳電信等合作推出各類創新XR互動展演體驗專案。自2021年更進一步投入Metaverse 沉浸式體驗產品開發,為政府機關、零售業者、品牌企業提供全方位的沉浸式數位展示/展售規劃與系統建置服務。

What We Do


2021 通訊大賽 5G領航創新應用競賽 實作組 冠軍
2021 數位奇點獎 數位技術類 最佳數位技術應用獎 銅獎
2021 數位奇點獎 創新類 最佳科技創新獎 銅獎