shARk encounter

Raise your phone to the sky above the Qingshui Service Area and you will enter the exciting AR marine show “The King’s Arrival “, where you will wander through underwater world with the great blue shark, hammerhead shark, ghost manta ray and schools of fish in the sky, and also pass by the giant ocean king whale shark. Don’t forget to use your cell phone to take pictures of the fantastic adventure in AR marine show, come and experience it with your friends!

In addition to the marine show “The King’s Arrival”, the AR Virtual Aquarium has been created in the whole service area, with four different AR experience:”The One”, “Cute Iceland”, “Blue Ocean”, and “Speed Drifter”.

Date: 2021/5/7 (Fri) – 2022/6/7 (Tue)
Location: Qingshui Service Area
Performance time:
✦ The King’s Arrival: The show will be held every 10 minutes throughout the day, with each show lasting approximately 5 minutes.
✦ AR Virtual Aquarium: 24hr non-stop!