2022 RRR New Paradise X Ocean Universe R

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park is the only park in Taiwan that combines AR experience with amusement rides! What are you waiting for? Come and experience the new Taipei Children’s Amusement Park!

Part 1: Aqua Universe Train
Location: Taipei Children’s Amusement Park – Monorail

Explore the sunny underwater world from high up in the sky. Through the AR technology, you will see the lovely tropical fish, sea turtles, blue sharks and other sea creatures swimming slowly around you. You can also interact with them up close and take pictures, but remember to take care of the marine life! Come and explore the marine life! Explore the ocean universe in the park together!

Part 2: Shark Universe
Location: Taipei Children’s Amusement Park – the area near the marine commander

What! Sharks appear in the sky above the Children’s Paradise! The majestic giant white shark, leading other sharks, slowly swims around and looks at the school of fish surrounding the experience.
Be careful! Sharks may swoop at any time to chase fishes, do not miss the moment of chase! Be careful not to be scared by the big white shark while watching!

Part 3 : Underwater AR Park
Location: Taipei Children’s Amusement Park1st floor indoor playground

There are cute penguins, sea lions and naughty dolphins playing in the water in the air park. Come and see what the naughty ones are doing in the park!