2020 Taipei Fashion Week #Fashion Gamer

The “FashionGamer” content, a collaboration between Taipei Fashion Week 2020 × VOGUE FNO and AR Plaza, uses storytelling to bring users an immersive AR experience, combining the theme of Taipei Fashion Week with the visuals of a sci-fi fashion market and the movie Blade Runner 2049. The story is inspired by the current state of the global epidemic (COVID-19), combined with the Vogue Global Network’s global feature HOPE this September, and echoes one of Condé Nast’s key issues, “sustainability”, through the game setting of defeating the alien invasion giant as a symbol of victory. The game is set up to defeat the epidemic and to give hope for the future of the planet in terms of environmental protection.

In the 5th Digital Singularity Award (DSA) organized by DMA Taiwan, Fashion Gamer won the bronze medal for “Best Digital Technology Application” and “Best Technology Innovation” among 856 entries from 110 participating companies.